Bruno is a black and tan Miniature Dachshund who entered the world in 2014 and changed our lives forever. From the minute he entered his forever home he showed us that size didn't matter and his personality won us over along with everyone else he met. We needed to share his incredibly funny ways with the world and there was no better way of doing this than through Instagram.

Bruno currently has a following of over 73,000 people (which continues to rapidly grow!) who all share the same love that we experience on a daily basis living with him. He is well known for his box destroying skills and his 'how to' guide is now teaching dogs and humans all over the world the best tips for ultimate box destruction! He also has an obsessive love for bow ties and gives Monday the best stink eye known to man. We hope this little black and tan, wrinkly legged, floppy eared box destroyer makes you smile as much as he does us!