I stole mums hair towel, and why not?

Did you know over half of pet owners admit that their animals regularly steal their belongings?! Top items stolen include money, post, food and even under ware with birds being the biggest perpetrators!

ADT, the UK's leading security brand, have launched a nationwide search to recruit a 'Pet Detective' to help put a stop to our pilfering pets! Do you think you have Britain's next top pet pilferer? Well we are here to tell you how to apply. Head on over to the ADT Facebook page http://bit.ly/2znFTWP upload an image of your pet in action and explain their suitability for the role! You'll be rewarded with an ADT smart home system, a years free monitoring and £500 to spend at Monster Pet Supplies. For more information about the campaign head on over to www.adt.co.uk/petdetective

Now Bruno give me back my hair towel! 


Let's talk about Lung Worm!

Well it's been a year and a half since we last blogged and we are back with a very important cause!

Lungworm is now widespread across much of the United Kingdom with two thirds of vets reporting they have experienced at least one case within the last year. Sadly many cases are not reported so the true extent of the problem is not really known.


So what is lungworm and how is it spread? Slugs and snails carry the lungworm larvae which can then be eaten by your dog. They don't have to actually eat the slug or snail (yuk!) as even their slime trails can spread the parasite. This means dogs who drink from puddles, eat grass, have toys or water bowls outside can also be at risk if an infected slug or snail has come into contact with them. The parasite then travels through the dog’s body eventually ending up in the heart. If left untreated your dog’s health can rapidly deteriorate and it can even result in death. Dogs of all ages and breeds can become infected but younger dogs seem to have a higher risk of being infected.


Unlike fleas or ticks, you can’t see lungworm and your dog may not initially show any signs of infection, but here are some of the symptoms of lungworm in dogs to look out for which may suggest your dog could have lungworm:

- Changes in behaviour. Your dog may appear depressed, lethargic or experience seizures.

- Breathing problems. Your dog may be coughing or tiring quickly.

- Poor blood clotting. Your dog may be experiencing nose bleeds, anaemia (paleness around eyes and gums) or excessive bleeding from minor wounds and cuts.

- General sickness. Your dog may experience weight loss, reduced appetite or diarrhoea and vomiting.


It all sounds a little scary doesn't it! Well the good news is that lungworm can be easily prevented. It’s important to remember that conventional worming tablets often don’t cover lungworm, but there are monthly preventative treatments available to ensure your pet is protected. Lungworm treatment for dogs are only available from your vet, so our best advice is to go and speak to your vet about what is available.

We checked the number of confirmed cases within our local area (within a 50 mile radius) and a shocking 1311 cases have been reported! If you're interested you can check how things are in your local area too on the lungworm website www.lungworm.co.uk/lungworm-map

We hope this has been helpful and that all of our furry friends will now be protected against lungworm!

Licks and woofs, Bruno x



· Reported cases based on number of cases reported to Bayer by veterinary practices in the UK and Ireland since February 2017

· Conboy et al WAAVP 2015

· Survey of 300 UK * Ireland Vets, conducted by Bryter in March 2017

Crufts 2016

Our first blog post needed to be a special one and we couldn't think of anything better than telling you all about our first Crufts experience! 

One of our highlights had to be our interview with Iwan Thomas that was aired on the Crufts programme on More 4 - OMG we were on TV! (you can find it on catch up on All 4, first episode just after the second ad break!) Bruno was a little star and took to the cameras like a pro! 

So why were we at Crufts? We have been working alongside the Kennel Club to look at the impact of popular dogs on social media and breed choice. Whilst we wanted to give our followers a chance to come and meet Bruno in 'dogson' we also wanted to raise awareness around the breed characteristics and to make sure people researched Dachshunds as a breed before getting one rather than buying one because they are cute! What better place to do this than at Crufts, the world's largest dog show!

One of the really lovely things about Crufts was that we got to meet the people behind the wonderful brands that send us goodies through the post (and we got to make friends with some new ones too!). 

Lead the Walk and Bark and Beyond PR (these guys gave me the most dapper denim jacket!). 

Now onto the most important people to us - our FOLLOWERS! We were honestly shocked and overwhelmed at the number of people who came to meet Bruno over the four days, we even had queues forming over the weekend - WOW!

We absolutely loved hearing people's stories of why they love Bruno, how long they have been following him for and a few people even told us Bruno was the reason they bought a Dachshund themselves (see us social media dogs really do have an impact on breed choice!) Someone even named their Dachshund Bruno after Bruno! 


We met a really special little girl who had drawn the most wonderful picture of Bruno and wrote the sweetest message on the back - Bruno really does have the best followers! 

A huge thank you to the Kennel Club too for providing us with a photo booth for Bruno's followers to take a photo home with them! People also had the opportunity to make a donation to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and I'm looking forward to hearing how much money we made for the charity! 

Me and the mums!


We also felt we should give a special mention to our hotel Hogarth's as they were super lovely and made me feel really special (it's not that easy to find such a lovely dog friendly hotel!) 

I had a blanket, bowl and treats waiting for me in the room

The bed was super comfy too

There are so many more highlights like being on Channel 5 news and meeting Mark Wright from TOWIE but we had better stop writing or our first blog post will turn into an essay! 

We hope you enjoyed reading about our Crufts adventure, do leave us a comment if you'd like to ask any questions!

Licks and woofs Bruno and mum.